Albariza Oloroso

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Jerez in southern Spain is home to the light-colored Albariza soil optimal for growing Palomino grapes and producing the most highly renowned wines in the world. The sherries in the Albariza portfolio originate from this rare terroir. There are two important benefits to the grapes; the impressive high water-retention property nourishes the vines during intensely hot dry summers and its reflective nature created by high chalk content aids in photosynthesis. The celebrated soil of Chablis and Champagne has similar characteristics. After harvest, the grapes are fermented and aged in a fractional blending system, called Solera, yielding wines with depth and complexity. While most producers fortify with bulk spirit made in La Mancha from Airén, the sherries in this portfolio utilize Palomino grape distillate from estate vineyards located in Jerez which integrates seamlessly with the base wine. The experienced and accoladed winemaking team is led by Eduardo Ojeda Cebrian who produces the only sherry in Grandes Pagos de España.

Produced, aged and bottled in Jerez de la Frontera.

100% Palomino. The grapes are from Carrascal, Macharnudo and Lomo Pardo Pagos, three estate vineyards comprised predominately of Albariza soil.

Serve chilled in a white wine glass. Pair with braised beef stew, rosemary encrusted leg of lamb, Osso Bucco, chorizo and chicken paella, grilled duck breast or roasted pork loin with fig sauce.

The wines are fortified to 17% alcohol which prevents the development of the "velo de flor". Complexity is achieved through oxidative ageing process for 8 years in traditional 500 liter American Oak cask within the Criadera and Solera system.

The nose has a very intense aromatics of roasted walnut, smoked meat, tobacco, camphor oil blended with caramelized sugar cinnamon spice. On the palate it is powerful, round and full-bodied. This Oloroso has toasted hazelnut, dried orange peel, cardamom spice and savory balsamic note that leads to an elegant dry finish.

.87 lbs (.39 kg)

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