Sacristía AB Sombrajo Viña La Rosa

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Antonio Barbadillo Mateos, a member of the extended Barbadillo family legacy, which has been producing wines in Sanlúcar de Barrameda since 1821, embarked on his personal venture in 2010. Having spent numerous decades growing up and working on the family estate, he chose to establish his own endeavor. Antonio does not own a winery, instead, he follows a unique approach. He collaborates with various Sanlúcar producers, handpicking casks that he finds intriguing due to their "candor," in Antonio's own words. He then bottles these wines during specific seasonal extractions known as "sacas," operating under the brand name Sacristía AB. This choice of name reflects his dedication to quality, with "AB" denoting his initials, and "sacristía" referring to the term used in the region for a corner within a winery where the finest wines are stored. Additionally, Antonio produces young white wines under the label Sombrajo. These wines originate from small vine growers located in the northwestern area of the Cádiz province. These local producers take pride in crafting their own distinct wines, which Antonio regards as special. The name "Sombrajo" draws inspiration from a shelter constructed using sticks, reeds, or palms. It serves as a refuge from the sun's heat for vineyard workers during breaks from their labor. Historically, these shelters, built by the small vineyard owners called "Mayetos," were a shared tradition among these growers, fostering a sense of unity within the community of small vine growers.

Sombrajo Viña La Rosa is a unique wine, aged under the veil of yeast or flor in sherry casks without any fortification.

100% Palomino Fino from vines that are 38 years old, planted on albariza soils with clay.

After a manual selection of clusters, the grapes ferment in barrels from the Marco de Jerez (Sherry Triangle), followed by aging under a veil of flor for more than 8 months. The wine is lightly filtered before bottling.

Vines are planted in a 0.33-hectare plot owned by Juan Francisco Pulido Cabral "El Piraña" situated in the Viña Pago La Rosa, facing East-Southeast at an altitude of 70m (230ft) in the town of Trebujena in Cádiz, Spain.



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