Atlántida Annius

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It is a blend of several grapes including Tintilla, Palomino Negro, Jaen Tinto, Vigiriega Tinta and Mollar.

It is aged for 18 months in 50% new French oak. It rests for 2 years in bottle before being released.

The unique albariza soil of these vineyards consists predominantly of chalk and clay, one of the richest raw materials in Spain and suited perfectly for the climatic conditions of Cádiz. It retains an enormous amount of moisture from the heavy rainfalls (600L on average) in autumn and winter, keeping the vines hydrated during the hot summer months. The southern climate of Jerez is heavily influenced by the sea and two dominant winds: the Levante and the Poniente, which are fundamental in the final period of grape ripening during the months of August and September when the fresh breeze off the water keeps the grapes cool and hydrated.

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