Vara y Pulgar Blanco

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Vara y Pulgar Blanco is the latest addition to the Vara y Pulgar series. This unfortified white wine is crafted from grapes cultivated in the property's vineyards, as well as Palomino Fino grapes from collaborating producers. The goal is to showcase the best of each vintage and the unique flavors of the Jerez region. Alberto Orte's project in Jerez focuses on reviving ancient grape varieties and promoting biodiversity. The vineyards are managed ecologically, without herbicides or inorganic fertilizers, to maintain the land's identity. This approach results in wines that are transparent, expressive of their varietal character, and balanced, reflecting the region's heritage while embracing modern techniques.

Vara y Pulgar Blanco is a new unfortified white wine crafted in Jerez. It blends Palomino Fino grapes with Vigiriega Blanca, Malvasia, and other indigenous varieties. This combination results in intense fruit flavors, fresh bright notes, and a velvety texture, complemented by the region's salinity. Like its red counterpart, Vara y Pulgar Blanco is meant to be enjoyed from the moment it is bottled.

50% Palomino Fino, 50% Blend (Vigiriega Blanca, Malvasia, etc.)

This wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and barrel then aged in 70% foudre and 30% barrique.

Located in the Jerez region near the town of Cadiz, southwest Spain by the Atlantic ocean. the soils of these vineyards are composed of the finest white chalk of Jerez by the name of Albariza. Average temperature during the April through October growing season is 21C (69.8 F) and annual rainfall is 600mm (23.6 in).

The wine offers a balanced and fresh profile, with vibrant acidity complemented by aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and subtle saline notes.

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